Originally established in 2008, the Health Systems Board aims to provide a forum in the Greater Capital Area for discussion and debate about current issues in health systems research and policies relevant to low and middle income countries. The Board’s discussions concern both research about health systems and current policy issues related to health systems.


  • To promote greater knowledge and understanding regarding health system issues among policy makers, analysts and researchers engaged in work on health systems in the Greater Capital Area
  • To provide a forum to promote better coordination through the informal exchange of ideas, and policy discussions among key individuals involved in health systems work in the Greater Capital Area
  • To stimulate thinking about innovative and needed methods and approaches to answer critical health systems research questions

Functioning and membership

Membership in the Health Systems Board is on an individual basis, though the Board strives to seek an appropriate balance of organizational representation in its invited discussion series. Current organizing members of the Board are listed below. Organizing members take it in turns to organize lectures and discussions.

Organizing Members of the Board

Health Systems Board Coordinator: Daniela Rodriguez, drodri17@jhu.edu